Wouter van Loon is a PhD student in my group, who develops multi-view stacking (MVS), a flexible framework for prediction with data from multiple sources. I jointly supervise his project with Prof. Mark de Rooij and Dr. Botond Szabo (Bocconi University).

Zino Brystowski is a PhD student in my group and works on testing and integration of theories from different domains with multi-view stacking (MVS), and generalizations to other types of base- and metalearners. His project is part of the Gravitation program GUTS, and I jointly supervise his project with Prof. Mark de Rooij.

Giorgio Spadaccini is a PhD student working on interpretable machine learning and inference using prediction rule ensembling and Bayesian regression techniques. I jointly supervise his PhD project with Prof. Mark van de Wiel (Department of Epidemiology and Data Science, Amsterdam University Medical Center).

Agostino Gnasso is a PhD student at the Department of Economics and Statistics, University of Naples, Federico II. We are working on interpretation methods for black-box machine-learning methods such as random forests and gradient boosting. In 2023-2024, he is a visiting researcher at my group in Leiden. Agostino's PhD project is supervised by Prof. Massimo Aria and Dr. Carmela Iorio.